IHEYO participates in CRY’s youth Camp in Uganda

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  • Date / 17 November 2005

IHEYO board member Asaba Lawrence attended the regional youth camp organised by Conflict resolution by the youth (CRY) once again organized a regional youth camp in East Africa. This regional camp was held in Katakwi district, Usuk village, North-Eastern Uganda, East Africa. This is one of the areas that has been disastrously affected by the 19-year-old insurgency in Northern Uganda.

The camp was run between 18-25 September 2005 and attracted participants from Uganda and Kenya. The main theme of the camp was “Youth as a resource”. Experiences were shared and this tradition of sharing is also part of the forthcoming similar camps in Rwanda and Kenya.

One of the main events were the celebrations of the UN Day for Peace on 21 September. Community help initiatives were carried out and we visited the internally displaced people’s camps (IDPCs) where our presence had a remarkable positive impact. IHEYO donated internet airtime to the administration board of CRY of 6 hours per week for three months as a way of opening communication doors and the world of IT.

Click here for the full report: http://www.iheyo.org/inthenews1.htm

Also, IHEYO member organisation Mentor Volunteers Uganda (MVU) held its annual youth camp from 28 August to 4 September at Lake Victoria School, Entebbe Wakiso District

Preventing violence against children, annual youth camp by MVU, Uganda

The camp gathered 48 young people from Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Kitgum and Apac Districts. The theme was ‘preventing violence against children’. Young people learned about the causes and the consequences of different forms of violence against children, taking into account the various settings in which violence takes place, both private and public, in urban and rural communities. Read more: http://www.iheyo.org/inthenews5.htm.

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