Dr. Onuoha, New Chair of Nigerian Humanist Movement

  • post Type / Humanists International News
  • Date / 12 February 2007

Eze Dr. Enyeribe Onuoha, traditional Head of the Umuchieze people has been elected Chair of the Nigerian Humanist Movement (NHM).

The erudite Dr. Onuoha, whose official title is His Royal Highness, was IHEU’s invited-speaker from Nigeria at the World Humanist Congress in Paris. He started as a clergy man, but abandoned his Roman Catholic faith in favour of Humanism.

After his election as Chair of NHM, Dr. Onuoha declared that increasing the paid- membership of NHM, and getting NHM formal registration with the government were his top priorities. Plans announced by Dr. Onuoha also include production of a four-page monthly bulletin for all members and potential members. On-going campaigns being conducted by NHM (e.g. against political assassination, female genital mutilation, caste discrimination based on circumstances of birth etc) will be strengthened. Attention will also be focussed on fund raising and on accounting for them in a clear and transparent way.

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