Conference “Asian Humanists against Untouchability”, 21-24 November 2012

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  • Date / 1 November 2012

Organisers: IHEU, IHEYO, SDF, FIRA, SOCH Nepal

Participants from: Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Singapore, etc.




21st Nov.

Opening & Introduction to Assembly, Theme of the day Untouchability

8 AM-9AM

Registration & Breakfast and resource material distributation


Welcome and introduction to the program

 Uttam Niraula


Introduction among participants

 Uttam Niraula


Introducing Humanism and Amsterdam Declaration 2002, IHEU, IHEYO, FIRA, SDF, SOCH, Introduction to IHEU’s alliance against untouchability.

 Babu Gogineni & Uttam Niraula

12-1 PM

Lunch Break

1-1:30 PM

Evolution and practice of Caste system in South Asia, Who benefits out of caste system? And How?

 V B Rawat

1:30-2 PM

Existence & practices of Caste system in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan (participants can also tell their personal stories)/ Country Presentation


2-2:30 PM


2:30-3 PM

Legacy of Untouchability and Improper cultural practises in the Asia and their possible ways out to eradicate it

Rabindra Bhattarai

3-3:30 PM

Humanists movement against Untouchability: Briefing of world scenario,

 Babu Gogini

3:30-4:30 PM

Workshop- Strategies to fight untouchability viewing as untouchability is social evil


22nd Nov.

                         Theme of the day: Secularism




Necessary Action and challenges of Humanists

Prof. Narendra Nayak


Darwin says; all Human are same

Raghu Adhikari

11-59 AM

Question Answer session

12-1 PM

Lunch Break

1-2 PM

Sharing of each countries achievement and challenges of Humanists (can also share personal stories)

2-3 PM

Utilization of social media for Humanism.

Sven Berg Ryen

3- 4 PM

Are India and Nepal secular country?

4-5 PM

Religion is superstition. (different kurities, rules to subordinate others, violence on the name of religion in India and Nepal)

Prof. Nayak and Uttam Niraula

23rd Nov.

suffering of untouchability and forming the alliance.

8-9 AM

Registration and Breakfast


Understanding Religion’s prejudice for untouchability

Babu Gogineni

10-10:30 AM

Importance of forming alliance against untouchability

V.B. Rawat


Workshop on function and action plan of South Asian alliance against untouchability, forming the group if necessary.

Babu Gogineni, V.B. Rawat and Rabindra Bhattarai

12-1 PM

Lunch Break

IHEYO’s program among youth participants

2 PM

Get to know new people

Uttam: Moderator

2:30 PM

Connecting Asian Humanist Youth. What is AHA (Asian
Humanist Alliance) and how can you take part?

Sven Berg Ryen

2:45 PM

Planning 2013 and further for AHA. Goals and vision


3:30 PM

Election volunteers (volunteers for AHA/IHEYO have to be below 35 and able to spend 10-15 hours a month on volunteer tasks throughout the entire year)

Uttam Niraula


Conference topic 2013 Regional conference


Those interested in attending, kindly contact SOCH Nepal through their online form (submits to their main email address that’s checked several times daily).

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