Humanists International begins new capacity building project in South Asia

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  • Date / 31 January 2022

Humanists International is excited to be commencing a new project in collaboration with its member organizations in South Asia.

The project will run initially for two years, and will focus on three main objectives:

  1. enhancing ways for humanists to report barriers to freedom of belief (FoRB)
  2. supporting humanist advocacy campaigns on tolerance and acceptance
  3. increased awareness and understanding of FoRB (freedom of religion or belief) among government officials

The project is known as ‘IDEAS’, standing for “Increasing Diversity, Equality, and Security in South Asia,” empowering humanist groups and individuals in the region. The main pathways of change for this project are: security (of activists), cooperation (inside/outside the humanist community), awareness (on the discrimination faced by the non religious), reputation and resources (of humanist organizations). With a series of tailored training events on safety, communications, advocacy and membership we will work to strengthen the capacities of our network of humanist organizations in the region.

Envisaged as a pilot programme, it is hoped that the organization will be able to roll out similar programmes together with members in other regions of the world, should it be successful.

In order to implement this exciting new project, Humanists International has hired a new Project Coordinator, Jason Lemieux. Jason has previously worked for the Centre for Inquiry and brings a wealth of experience to his new role.

Jason Lemieux, Project Coordinator for Humanists International

Jason Lemieux, newly appointed Project Coordinator for Humanists International, commented:

“I’m excited to be joining the Humanists International team for such an exciting project, and I look forward to the opportunity to build relationships with the humanist community across South Asia.”

Uttam Niraula, Board member of Humanists International & Executive Director of SOCH Nepal

Uttam Niraula, Board member of Humanists International, and Executive Director of the Society for Humanism Nepal, said:

“This is a really exciting project for SOCH Nepal, and a great opportunity to increase the collaboration between Humanists International and its members in South Asia.

“We look forward to implementing this exciting new project, and sharing the outcomes and experiences we learn with other organizations around the world.”

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