Humanists International supports 13 global humanist projects in 2024

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  • Date / 24 June 2024

Humanists International announced today it has awarded grants to 13 projects worldwide. This initiative, awarding a total of £36,300 through the 2024 Grants Program, provides financial support to bolster humanist endeavors and empower organizations working to advance humanist values across the globe.

The grant program in 2024 was made possible thanks to a very generous legacy gift left to the organization by the late Professor Dabir Tehrani, who was a long-standing supporter of Humanists International.

The call for applications, opened from April to May, attracted a wide range of proposals. Selected projects, kicking off this month, will continue until January 2025. Grants were awarded exclusively to Members and Associates of Humanists International, focusing on five key areas:

  • Development Grants: Supporting the growth and sustainability of humanist organizations, particularly in developing countries.
  • Digital Humanism Grants: Encouraging projects that utilize technology to promote humanist values online.
  • Humanist Ceremonies Grants: Building capacity for humanist celebrants to offer alternative ceremonies like weddings and funerals.
  • Regional Networking Meetings Grants: Facilitating gatherings and collaboration between humanist organizations within specific regions.
  • Young Humanist Grants: Empowering young people to become active participants in the humanist movement.

For members interested in applying for future grants, Humanists International also offers the year-round Cafe Humaniste Grant. This program supports small, in-person, or online gatherings where members can discuss any topic related to humanism.

The Humanists International Grant Program is only possible thanks to the continued support of its members and donors.

Dooyum Dominic Ingye, Project Head at Advocacy for Alleged Witches, one of the grant recipients, said:

“We are truly honored and grateful that the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) has been selected to receive the Humanists International Development Grant for our project. This funding will make a significant difference in our ability to advocate for justice, provide legal aid, and empower alleged witches to stand up against the discrimination and violence they face.”

Javan Lev Poblador, Membership Development Officer of Humanists International, commented:

“We are delighted to support these 13 projects making a tangible difference in local and international communities by promoting humanism. These grants will equip our Members and Associates with vital resources to grow and extend their impact.”

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