2021 Humanism Conference

  • The 2021 Humanism Conference is organized by Humanists International on 14 August 2021, starting at 14:00 BST, on the platform Zoom.
  • All registered participants will receive a unique Zoom link and a detailed briefing with the instruction on how to attend the conference in due course.
  • Registration is open to everyone (max 500 participants) and free of charge.
  • We invite all attendees to consider making a donation to Humanists International to support our work to promote humanism and defend humanists at risk all around the world: humanists.international/donate
  • Alternatively, we invite all attendees to join Humanists International as an Individual Supporter for only £5/month or £60/year: humanists.international/join

Registration to 2021 Humanism Conference
If not, please consider becoming one: humanists.international/support
If not, please consider donating now: humanists.international/donate
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