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Humanists International News / 21 April 2006

Norwegian Secretary General

IHEU welcomes the new Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association, Mrs. Kristin Mile. A lawyer by training, she has…
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Humanists International News / 17 April 2006

A New Record for IHEU’s Website

Thanks to you, IHEU's website has evolved into the world's best resource on International Humanism! We are pleased to announce…
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Campaigns / 10 April 2006

We are not afraid

IHEU president Roy Brown was one of the speakers on 6 April at a seminar in Paris entitled "Nous n'avons…
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8 April 2006

Lavanam wins Gandhi Award

Lavanam, a Director of IHEU member organization Atheist Centre, Vijayawada, India and chairman of SAMSKAR, has been honoured with a…
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