IHEU Receives Support for International Representation from IHS

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 1 January 2001

IHEU’s International Representation at the UN (New York, Geneva and Vienna), UNICEF (New York), UNESCO (Paris) and Council of Europe (Strasbourg) has received a big boost through a grant given by the newly formed Institute for Humanist Studies, Albany, New York.

The Institute for Humanist Studies works to increase public understanding and support for humanism, and this grant for 2001 from the IHS Fund will help increase awareness of humanism at the international level by strengthening the humanist movement’s representation at the International Institutions. For information about the IHS and its IHS Fund, please visit www.humaniststudies.org

At present the IHEU has Special NGO Consultative Status at the UN (ECOSOC); Consultative Status at the Council of Europe and at UNICEF, and maintains operational relations with UNESCO. IHEU’s Special Consultative Status at the ECOSOC entitles the IHEU to circulate statements at ECOSOC meetings, and to circulate statements as well as to address ECOSOC’s subsidiary bodies. As ECOSOC is the principal coordinating body for the UN’s Social and Economic matters and for the UN’s specialist organisations and institutions, NGOs like the IHEU are able to play a significant constructive role in helping shape policy by articulating the Humanist perspective.

IHEU’s 5-member volunteer delegation in New York is headed by Mrs. Jean Kotkin; at the Council of Europe, IHEU is recognised as one of 40 NGOs entitled to make collective complaints regarding violations of the European Social Charter, and IHEU’s representative Prof. Marius dees de Sterio is also the General Rapporteur of the 400 International NGOs at Strasbourg. At UNESCO, IHEU’s high-profile delegation headed by Mme. Monique Wonner has been very active in defending universal values and in promoting the humanist perspective. The IHEU supports the work of the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, is active in the international Oslo Colaition on Freedom of Religion or Belief, and has participated in Consultation-meetings organised by the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights in relation to the World Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia. With the IHS grant, IHEU hopes to continue full speed with the present work at the International level. For further information on IHEU’s International work, contact us.

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