Changes in IHEU’s Executive Committee

  • post Type / Humanists International News
  • Date / 18 August 2004

At the Uganda General Assembly, First Vice President Robbi Robson resigned from the IHEU Executive Committee and Jack Jeffery was elected Vice President of IHEU.

After several years of dedicated contribution to IHEU’s Executive Committee, First Vice President Robbi Robson resigned from the IHEU EC at the Uganda General Assembly. We are fortunate that Robbi will continue assisting the EC as Minutes Secretary and has also agreed to head the IHEU Women’s Network. First as IHEU Treasurer, and then as Vice President, Robbi made a significant contribution to creating an administrative structure for IHEU, and to IHEU’s restructuring from a large unwieldy Board spread over 35 countries, into a dynamic organization with the ability to react to events as they happen.

Jack Jeffery, a Life Supporter of IHEU, and Executive Committee member of the British Humanist Association, and active member of the North East Humanists, has been elected Vice President of IHEU at the Uganda General Assembly. Having held several distinguished positions professionally, Jack brings to the IHEU EC his experience in business as well as his dedication to the cause of the environment. Jack is associated with Water Aid, and is also a Board Member of the Stakeholder Forum.

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