International Humanist Summer School Concludes in Russia

  • Date / 9 August 2004

For two weeks (25 July – 8 August 2004) more than 30 students from Russia and Byelorussia attended two weeks of lectures on Humanism, Philosophical Naturalism and Critical Thinking in Moscow at an International Summer School organised by the Center for Inquiry International, Center for Inquiry Transnational, Moscow State University, State University of New York and the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University.

Taught by Professors Bill Cooke, Valerii Kuvakin, John Ryder and David Koepsell, the Summer School was attended mostly by teachers, activists of the Russian Humanist Society and Doctoral students of Philosophy.

For more information, and for future events, contact [url=mailto:[email protected]]Russian Humanist Society[/url] or [url=http://www.centerforinquiry.net/]Center for Inquiry International[/url].

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