Sharia Update: International Campaign Against Stoning

  • post Type / Campaigns
  • Date / 6 August 2004

[img]https://humanists.international/uploads/stones.jpg[/img]IHEU has lent its support to the efforts of the International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS). This organization has been working actively towards the abolition of stoning in all countries, and in particular Iran, Pakistan and Nigeria, where this barbaric practice still continues.

ICAS played an important role in the campaigns to prevent the stonings of Amina Lawal in Nigeria and Zafaran Bibi in Pakistan and to exert pressure one the Islamic regime in Iran to suspend stoning sentences.

The International Conference Against Stoning, held in Naples, Italy in September 2003 proposed yhat 11 July, the anniversary of the day in 2001 that Maryam Ayoubi, an Iranian woman and mother of three children, was stoned to death, should be endorsed as an International Day Against Stoning. On 11 July this year, ICAS organised a worldwide one minute silence at 11:00am GMT.

You can add the name of your organization to the list of those endorsing 11 July as the International Day Against Stoning by sending an email to [email protected]. Mina Ahadi is the Coordinator of the Campaign.

For more information on this day and the work of the Committee, contact Shiva Mahbobi, Public Relations, International Committee Against Stoning, email [email protected], telephone +44 7984 445278.

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