The Brown Book of God

  • post Type / Publications
  • Date / 29 September 2004

On Wednesday, 29 September, Applied Philosophy Editions (EFA) and the Peruvian Non-Religious Humanist Movement (MPHA) made two presentations of The Brown Book of God — Incredible Verses of the Bible with the participation of Norwegian author Ronnie Johanson. The book was introduced by Peruvians M A Paz-y-Mino, editor of the book, and Alberto Gonzalez, a Christian musician, Luis Solas, a teacher of Philosophy and Religion and Guido Rojas, a Pentecostal Pastor. Among those present was Sten Kristiansen, secretary of the Norwegian Heathens Society, a Freethinkers’ group. Johanson is a member of that group and of the Norwegian Humanist Society.

The work is a compilation of biblical verses introducing us to an anthropomorphic, abusive, vengeful, mass-killer god with other grave moral faults, and an intolerant Jesus. The book also deals with contradictions and errors in the Bible contrary to the natural truth. As is usual, there was a debate among the defenders of faith and those of reason and of course with the participation of the public.

In each session, there were around 250 people present, mostly pre-college students of the Casar Vallejo and ADUNI Academies. Both institutions belong to the Institute of Sciences and Humanities in whose Cultural Center the presentations were made.


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