CIPSI-PERU Seminar: Pseudo-sciences and Pseudo-therapies

  • post Type / Conferences
  • Date / 1 September 2004

On Wednesday, 1 September, the Centre of Investigations on the Paranormal, Pseudo-Sciences and Irrationality in Peru (CIPSI-PERU) presented a free seminar, “Pseudo-sciences and Pseudo-therapies” in the ADUNI Cultural Centre.

The program was in two parts: in the first session, National University of San Marcos professors of philosophy Carlos Alvarado and Marino Llanos and CIPSI-PERU Director M A Paz-y-Mino gave a general introduction to pseudo-science. In the second session, psychologist Cesar Sparrow talked about Pseudo-Science and Psychoanalysis, physician Humberto V�squez spoke on alternative therapies in Medicine and Linguist Raymundo Casas on “Scientific Creationism”.

Simultaneously, CIPSI-PERU offered for sale its magazine Neo-Skepsis, the Spanish versions of the books Pseudo-Science, Irrationalism and Scientism by British author Andrew Lugg and the recently launched book for children Bringing UFOS down to Earth by Philip J. Klass, whose original version in English was published by Prometheus Books.

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