IHEU President to Speak at the Sorbonne

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  • Date / 6 December 2004

Humanism affirms that it is possible to live the good life without depending on religion or on an authoritarian moral code. Humanists desire a society based on reason, human rights, human freedoms. Organised Humanists work for a world free of dogma and where there is no intellectual or social exploitation; a world where there is strict Separation of Religion and State, and where the freedom of conscience and the freedom of religion and belief flourish.

As the world umbrella organisation of Humanist, Rationalist, Atheist, Secularist and Ethical Culture groups, IHEU federates and coordinates the work of nearly 100 organisations from about 40 countries.

Roy Brown will speak in French at the Amphitheatre Guizot of Sorbonne University. His lecture ‘L’Humanisme, ses organisations, ses moyens, ses projets’ on 10 December 2004 will focus on IHEU’s work, its current campaigns and IHEU’s forthcoming World Humanist Congress to be held in Paris in July 2005.

[url=https://humanists.international/uploads/Conference Roy Brown.pdf]Click here for a pdf file of the lecture programme[/url].

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