IHEU Tsunami Disaster Appeal: UK Taxpayers and Gift Aid

  • post Type / Action Alert
  • Date / 3 January 2005

A mechanism has been established for UK taxpayers to give to the IHEU Tsunami Appeal through Gift Aid. Gift Aid enables charities to reclaim UK basic rate tax on donations made under the Gift Aid scheme. Please click [b]Read More…[/b] below for full details.

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can donate to the Tsunami Appeal through a UK Registered Charity, International Humanist Trust (IHT).

To make a Gift Aid donation, please send a cheque [b]payable to International Humanist Trust[/b] to:

Suresh Lalvani
Tsunami Disaster Appeal
International Humanist Trust
1 Gower Street
London WC1E 6HD

If possible, please print out the short Gift Aid form provided [url=https://humanists.international/uploads/GiftAid.pdf]here[/url] (PDF, 40KB) and include it with your cheque. Alternatively, we can post a form to you.

[i]Example:[/i] if a UK taxpayer gives �250 to IHT and completes the Gift Aid form, IHT will receive an extra �70.51 making �320.51 in total.

Also, [b]if you pay higher rate tax[/b], you can reclaim the higher rate tax on your gift. You claim this back on your UK tax return. If you give �250 to IHT, you can claim back �57.69 so the real, net cost to
you is �192.31 ; but IHT still receives �320.51 in total.

[i]Example:[/i] a higher-rate UK taxpayer who gives �250 to IHT will get back �57.69 in tax relief. This reduces the net cost of the gift to �192.31 net but IHT still receives �320.51 .

We are sorry that it is not yet possible to donate through Gift Aid via Paypal.

IHT’s registered charity number is 1098454.

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