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  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 3 March 2005

It is a common practice for people to shout ‘happy new year’ at the strike of 12:00 midnight of 31st December every year. There are so many ways of doing this. It could be via writing, verbal face-to-face communication, telephone, e-mail etc. Whichever one chooses, it is all in the ‘spirit’ of celebration.

Still in the mood of the celebration, here are fondly greetings and wishes from IHEYO EC members to all young humanists all over the world:

“Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all a sparkling year full of beautiful surprises”
Marita Erikssen, Board Member

“A great 2005 to everyone, hopefully 2005 will be another milestone in the development of the humanist movement around the world!”
Wolfgang Huber, Board Member

“Happy new year to you all! Life can only be meaningful, if men can determine to make it so, and only if he can be aware that the world is all we have. Let us all put all we have into serving Humanity. Live a worthy life not because of heaven but because you must live a worthy life. This is my driving force that will forever remain my life praxis forever.”
Asaba Lawrence, Board Member

“The best wishes for the New Year to all those working with humanism all around the world. Together we’re making a difference!”
Lars-Petter Helgestad, Board Member

“Happy new year to every young humanist, lets take care about the world and people around it in the middle of the catastrophe in Asia.”
Alina Manttari, 1st Vice President

“Today’s young humanists need to widen the path of Humanism and Freethinking. The humanist movement has rightly focused in the past decades on the rational, scientific and bio-ethical dimension of human existence. However there is more, there is a danger lurking for idolization of science. As a young Humanist, I want to contribute to deepen the critique of human faculty of comprehension. As humanists we must try to develop a holistic image of human existence, this effort needs to embrace the rational as well as the irrational. The latter has been too much out of scope for humanist thinking the recent decades. Let’s initiate a change in 2005!”
Frederik Dezutter, Treasurer

“Happy new year to you young humanist friends all over the world. I know it has not been very easy for you at all but this yea, it shall be! Lets keep up the fighting and enlightening spirit; we shall overcome. It is not over until it is over”
Ademowo ‘Yemi Johnson, Secretary General

“Happy new year to you all!”
Ramesh Kumar, 2nd Vice President

“Happy new year friends! IHEYO has enjoyed your tremendous support in year 2004, we shall need same again in 2005. We count powerfully on your support. With your support, the sky will be a beginning not a limit for us this year.”
Gea Meijers, President

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