Student Sent Home for Handmade ‘Gay’ Shirt

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 3 March 2005

(From Wtop-news, see link below)

An openly gay high school student was sent home to change after he wore a shirt that said “Too Gay To Function” during homecoming week. Billy Zepeda, a senior at R.A. Long High School, decorated the lime green shirt with marker-drawn rainbows and wrote the phrase from the teen movie “Mean Girls” on the front. He wore it Thursday during the school’s make-your-own-shirt day.

A teacher told him the shirt was inappropriate and offensive to homosexuals, said Zepeda, 17. School officials said students weren’t given specific rules for their designs, and shirts were deemed inappropriate on a case-by-case basis. Two other students were sent home to change, one with a cut-off shirt that exposed his stomach, and another that had an inappropriate comment, said Ty Morris, assistant principal.

“If a faculty member feels it offends them or is inappropriate … then they send them home to change,” Morris said. “You can’t micromanage it.” Zepeda said the shirt wasn’t meant to offend. “It’s quite aggravating,” he said. “I can’t wear my shirt because it’s discriminating against gays. … Why would I discriminate against myself?”

Other students wore shirts with gangster themes, made of bubble-wrap or duct-tape. Zepeda said one student had a shirt “talking about his gender area.”


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