Minutes from 3rd General Assembly of IHEYO

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 14 July 2005

taking place at Institut national de la Jeunesse et de l’Education Populaire in Marly-le-Roi, Paris, France

First session

on the 8th of July 2005

Agendapoint 1: Opening of the General Assembly

At 20.30 the meeting was convened by IHEYOs President, Gea Meijers.

IHEU 1st Vice President and IHEU-IHEYO liaison Sonja Eggerickx greeted everybody and informed the members present that the next IHEU Congress in 2008 may be held in Moscow, Russia.

In accordance with the By-Laws, the president then gave IHEYOs 1st Vice President, Alina Mänttäri, the task of chairing the meeting.

Agendapoint 2: Procedural matters A. Presence of Quorum

There is no mention in our bylaws of any demand of this kind.

B. Stating the Delegates

The delegates presented themselves briefly.
IHEYO Board Member Lars-Petter Helgestad read out the members present and their formal number of votes, as follows:

  • Humanistische Jongeren: Three votes, represented by Sara Wastijn.

  • Norwegian Humanist Association: Three votes, represented by Mari-Marthe Apenæs,

    Sol Høgset and Randi Hermanrud.

  • Unie Vrijzinnige Verenigingen (UVV): Three votes, represented by Leander De Cauter.

  • Prometheus Camp Association: Two votes, represented by Otto Köngäs and Heini M.


  • Humanist Freidenkerbund Brandenburg/Havelland: One vote, represented by Silvana


  • Jong HV: One vote, represented by Kenneth Yong Tsang.

    Several observers without the rights to vote were present at the meeting, including members of the IHEYO Executive Committee. 

C. Approval of the Agenda

The Chair read out the agenda as previously sent to all members. The Chair proposed an extra agenda point: “Electing Meeting Secretary” as point 2D, and proposed to move the “Granting discharge to the EC” to after “Accountings for 2004”.

With the proposed changes approved, the agenda read as follows:

First session: 8th of July
1. Opening of the General Assembly by the President 2. Procedural matters

a. Presence of quorum
b. Stating the delegates in the General Assembly c. Approval of the Agenda
d. Electing Meeting Secretary

3. Approval of the minutes from the General Assembly 2004 4. Presentation of 2004 Annual Report
5. Accountings for 2004

a. Presentation of Accountings

b. Election of Auditing Committee Second session: 15th of July, 09.00-12.30 6. Procedural matters

a. Presence of quorum
7. Treating membership applications 8. Annual Report of 2004

a. Adoption of Annual Report

b. Adoption of Accountings for 2004
9. Granting discharge to the Executive Committee 10. By-Laws Amendment
11. Treating IHEYOs membership in IHEU
12. Treating Plan of Action
13. Budget for 2006

a. Membership fees

b. Adoption of Budget
14. Election of Executive Committee
15. Closing of the General Assembly by the newly elected President

The Agenda was approved by the General Assembly.

D. Electing Meeting Secretary

IHEYO Board Member Lars-Petter Helgestad was proposed and elected unanimously.

Agendapoint 3: Approval of Minutes from the General Assembly of 2004

It was noted that an official record of the proceedings of a meeting is written minutes, not minute. Also, the name of Lars-Petter Helgestad was misspelled as Las-Petter.

The minutes of the General Assemby of 2005 was approved with the above mentioned changes. 

Agendapoint 4: IHEYO Annual Report 2004 APPENDIX 1

The President presented IHEYOs Annual Report of 2004.

Agendapoint 5: Accountings for 2004 APPENDIX 2 A. Presentation of Accountings

Treasurer Frederik Dezutter presented the accountings of 2004. No questions were asked.

B. Election of Auditing Committee

Alex Kleijn of the Humanistiche Jongeren, Belgium was proposed by the floor and unanimously elected.
Jenni Hanén of Prometheus Camp Association, Finland, was proposed by the floor and unanimously elected.

The first session was closed by the chair at 21.38.

Second session

on the 15th of July at 09.30, same place

Agendapoint 6: Procedural matters

The chair opened the meeting and read out the sessions agenda as agreed in the first session, no comments were raised.

A. Presence of Quorum

The Meeting Secretary Lars-Petter Helgestad read out list of members present, and their formal number of votes, as follows:

Prometheus, Finland: 2 votes, delegates Heini Oikkonen and Otto Köngäs.

Humanistiche Jongeren, Belgium: 3 votes, delegate Sara Wastijn.

UVV, Belgium: 3 votes, delegate Leander De Cauter.

Norwegian Humanist Association: 3 votes, delegate Mari-Marthe Apenæs.

Freidenkerbund Brandenburg/Havelland: 1 vote, delegate Silvana Uhlrich.

Several observers without the rights to vote were present at the meeting, including members of the IHEYO Executive Committee.

Agendapoint 7: Treating membership applications APPENDIX 3

The GA asked the EC to further clarify issues concerning the membership, in regard to requirements and ways of application, for the next GA. The EC promised to do so and will make a working group on this issue with help from the members.

The president presented the recommendation on each organisation applying. One by one, the General Assembly voted over the membership applications (when the description was not unanimous, the voting results is included below) :

Youth Movement for Peace & Non-Violence: Postponed till next GA.

Asociación Ediciones de la Revista Peruana de Filosofia Aplicada (AERPFA):

Granted consultative membership.

Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC): Granted consultative membership.

Youth Against War & Fascism: Membership application rejected.

National Youth Organisation: Membership application rejected.

Language Aid International: Membership application rejected.

Youth for Community Academic and Development Services (YOCADS): Granted

full membership.

Children in Need Sierra Leone: Granted consultative membership.

Youth Vigil for Democracy: Membership application rejected.

Community Anti-Drugs Organisation (C.A.D.O.): Membership application rejected.

Mentor Volunteers Uganda: Granted consultative membership.

Inter Okapi Association – Youth for Action: Granted consultative membership.

Tumaini Awareness Group (TAG-Kenya):

Voting results, first round:

Consultative: Postponed: Rejected:

4 votes 6 votes 2 votes

No majority decision reached – new debate among the GA. Voting results, second round:

Consultative Postponed: Rejected:

3 votes 9 votes 0 votes

Postponed till next GA.

• Youth for Youth – Kenya: Voting results:

Consultative: Rejected: Postponed: Abstaining:

9 votes 0 votes 0 votes 3 votes

Granted consultative membership.

Human Rights Africa (HRA): Membership application rejected.

Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya (HEUK): Granted consultative membership.

International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice (Manavatadi Vishwa

Sansthan) Youth Wing: Granted consultative membership.

Young African Researchers Network: Granted consultative membership.

British Humanist Association: Granted full membership.

Humanist Peace League (Nederlands Humanistisch Vredesberaad): Granted consultative


Social Development Foundation: Voting results:

Full: Consultative: Abstaining:

11votes 0 votes 1 vote

Granted full membership.

• University of Ibadan Humanist Group: Voting results: 

Consultative: 9 votes

Postponed: 2 votes Granted consultative membership.

HUMAN – Humanist Association Nepal – Youth Wing: Granted full membership.

Rescue Mission Planet Earth Uganda: Granted consultative membership.

Tarksheel Society Punjab (Rationalist Society Punjab): Granted full membership.

Youth Development Initiatives: Granted consultative membership.

Agendapoint 8. Annual Report of 2004 A. Adoption of Annual Report

The President gave a short presentation. The report was adopted by the General Assembly.

B. Adoption of accountings of 2004 APPENDIX 4

The Auditing Committee reported on their work, and recommended the accountings for adoption. The accountings was adopted by the GA.

Agendapoint 9: Granting Discharge to the EC

Discharge was granted by the General Assembly, and the GA thanked the Executive Committee for their work for the now finished period.

Agendapoint 10: By-laws amendment

Procedure note – proposed amendments were not communicated to members in time, according to By-Laws deadlines. Treatment was was postponed to next GA.

Agendapoint 11: Membership in IHEU APPENDIX 5

The delegates from Prometheus made it clear that they are not in agreement with the ECs recommendation to become member of IHEU.

Secret balloting, voting results:

For: 10 votes
Against: 2 votes
IHEU membership approved by the GA.

IHEYOs President said that that: “IHEYO will be in contact with Prometheus and communicate with their GA. We hope that Prometheus will stay in the IHEYO family.”

Agendapoint 12: Plan of Action APPENDIX 6

The President presented one plan for 2005 and one for 2006.

It was agreed to add an issue in the plan for 2005, point 3: “The EC is given the acceptance by the General Assembly in 2005 to informally accept or decline invidual membership through fixed guidelines. The next General Assembly will then formally accept the suggested members by the EC, as it is up to the General Assembly to make the formal decision”.

Meeting paused at 11.19. Starting again at 11.30.

The delegation of the Norwegian Humanist Association proposed for plan 2005, point 10: “The aim is also that the registration process will start earlier than in previous years, preferably more than 6 months in advance.”

And the delegation also proposed for 2006, point 11:”In 2006 we also want to develop a strategy on how we can offer more support to existing youth humanist groups.”

The Plan of Action was adopted with the proposed changes.

Agendapoint 13: Budget for 2006 APPENDIX 7

A. Membership fees

Proposed by the EC: Full members:

For member organization with less than 1000 members: 50 euro For member organization with 1000 to 3000 members: 75 euro For member organization with more than 3000 members:100 euro

Approved by the General Assembly without changes.

B. Adoption of Budget

Budget adopted as proposed by the EC.

Agendapoint 14: Election of Executive Committee

The General Assembly had to elect the following officers:

Candidate: Gea Meijers, the Netherlands

One or two Vice Presidents


Secretary-General Candidate:

Treasurer Candidate:

Lars-Petter Helgestad, Norway, and Silvana Uhlrich, Germany

‘Yemi Johnson, Nigeria

Frederik Dezutter, Belgium

• No more than six or seven additional board members Candidates: Sara Wastijn, Belgium, and

Wolfgang Huber, Austria
The following was elected at the General Assembly in 2004 for a term of two years:

• Asaba Lawrence, Uganda, office: Board member

The chair presented voting routine. Secret, written balloting will be used.

The GA had a discussion on how many EC-members there should be and how to reach a good geographical representation. It was pointed out that in this case the economical aspect is important for IHEYO: it is practically impossible for IHEYO to pay the travel costs of all EC-members having such international board.

Norwegians made it clear that to them it is very important that the EC-members represent the global organisation IHEYO want to be want to be and that there should be an effort made to get all boardmembers present.

The candidate then presented themselves. Yemi Johnson was absent and was presented by Gea Meijers. Frederik Dezutter was absent and was presented by Lars-Petter Helgestad.

The chair asked for candidates for Voting Committee. Ramesh Kumar and Christoffer B. Larsen were suggested and elected unanimously for this task.

Voting results:

President for one year: Candidate Gea Meijers:

Yes: 10

No: 2
Gea Meijers was elected as President for one year.

1st Vice President for one year: Candidate Lars-Petter Helgestad

Yes: 12

No: 0
Lars-Petter Helgestad was elected as 1st Vice President for one year.

2nd Vice President for two years: Candidate: Silvana Uhlrich

Yes: 9

No: 3
Silvana Uhlrich was elected as 2nd Vice President for two years.

Secretary-General for two years: Candidate Yemi Johnson

Yes: 7 No: 1 Blank: 4

Yemi Johnson was elected as Secretary-General for two years.

Treasurer for one year:
Candidate Frederik Dezutter

Yes: 12

No: 0
Frederik Dezutter was elected as Treasurer for one year. 

Board Members for two years: Candidate Sara Wastijn

Yes 12

No 0
Sara Wastijn was elected as Board Member for two years.

Candidate Wolfgang Huber Yes 2

No 10
Wolfgang Huber was not elected as Board Member.

The General Assembly thanked EC-members that stepped down, Wolfgang Huber, Alina Mänttari and Marita Eriksen, for their time serving.

The newly elected President closed the General Assembly by sharing some thoughts, and in line with the tradition she announced that the next IHEYO GA probably will be held in USA or India.

Lars-Petter Helgestad Meeting Secretary 

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