IHEYO takes stand against BioWeapons!

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 8 August 2005

The Executive Committee of IHEYO decided to join as member the international network BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP). This happened in spring 2005 during the 30th Anniversary of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.
The BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP) is dedicated to reinforcing the norm against the weaponization of disease, and acts as a global civil society that tracks governmental and other behaviour under the treaties that codify the norm.
“The threat posed by the misuse of biology and biotechnology for hostile purposes affects many important aspects, like human security, human rights, health security, food security, biodiversity, environmental security etc. Therefore it is important to the Executive Committee of IHEYO that IHEYO takes part in such network”, IHEYOs President Gea Meijers told “YouthSpeak!”s journalist.
At 26th of March 1975 the international treaty that gives norms for the use of bioweapens came into excistence. The Convention have been ratified by 153 states of the world. 16 states have signed the convention but need still to ratify it, and the remaining 25 states hav neither signed nor ratified it. Does your country participate in this treaty? You’ll find the list under «resources» at www.bwpp.org.

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