Humanists and “Acts of God�

  • post Type / Action Alert
  • Date / 20 September 2005

Humanists in the US have launched urgent appeals to raise help for victims of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina which devastated the Gulf Coast. Read on for details.

In July 2005, Mumbai suffered severe flooding, affecting many people and damaging the M.N. Roy Human Development Campus.

The American Humanist Association is routing the help raised through the American Red Cross. Donations can be made securely via AHA’s website https://www.americanhumanist.org/secure/humanistcharities.php. The Center for Inquiry has asked for contributions to be made through SHARE, the Secular Humanist Aid and Relief Effort. You may donate securely at https://secure.ga3.org/05/donate_to_help_katrina_victims

In July 2005, Mumbai experienced one of the biggest 24-hour rainfalls ever recorded. The 944 mm (37.2 inches) of rain left almost half the city submerged and nearly one thousand people dead. The area where the M.N. Roy Human Development Campus is situated was also affected, and books in the ground floor library of the Center were damaged as also some medicines. Despite this, the Center’s staff were able to assist one thousand families in the surrounding slums with relief and rehabilitation material.

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