Ontario ban on Sharia courts in the press

  • post Type / Campaigns
  • Date / 15 September 2005

The recent success with Ontario’s decision to ban Sharia courts has been widely reported in the world press. We have summarised some of the reports here.

The Guardian (UK) reported that “the proposal prompted an emotional debate, pitting champions of an all-embracing multiculturalism against those who feared the worst for Muslim women who might have been forced by their families to turn to the voluntary tribunals rather than the courts.”

The Chicago Sun Times writes, “Canadian women fought the law, and won…. the craziness that was unfolding in Canada last week merits comment simply because it was so outrageous.”

United Press International says, “Activists, who mounted a dozen protests last week in Canada and Europe, argued that Islamic law — Shariah — is inherently discriminatory since it favors men over women. Many religious groups in Canada were allowed to use dictates of their religion in arbitration of some disputes.”

The BBC, the Seattle Post, Ms Magazine and Borsa-Italia, among others, also covered the story.

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