IHEU Award – Call for Nominations

  • post Type / Humanists International News
  • Date / 21 December 2005

IHEU has issued a call for nominations for the Distinguished Service to Humanism Award, to be presented during the IHEU General Assembly 2006, to be held in New York City on 20 and 21 April 2006.

Nominations must reach IHEU by 28 February 2006. Full details and a nomination form are attached.

This award recognises the contributions of Humanist activists to International Humanism and to organised Humanism. The most recent recipients of the award are Prof. Alexandre Marius dees de Sterio, Luxembourg and Barbara Smoker, UK.

IHEU’s General Assembly decided at its meeting in Paris in July 2005 to make the Distinguished Service to Humanism award an annual event, with the awards being presented at IHEU’s General Assembly or a related Conference.

Who is eligible? A living person, or an institution. If the candidate is a person, s/he must be identifiably a Humanist. Ideally a selected awardee will be able to receive the award in person. Serving IHEU officers and personnel are ineligible.

Who can nominate? Member Organisations of IHEU can nominate, using the attached form.

Who will decide? A sub-committee of the IHEU’s Executive Committee will examine the nominations, as well as consider other names, and make a short list. This would be considered by the full EC of IHEU, whose decision will be final.

Are there deadlines? Yes, for the 2006 award, nominations must reach IHEU by 28 February 2006

When will the announcement be made? IHEU will contact the awardee confidentially, and the public announcement will be made only at the time of the award presentation.

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