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  • Date / 13 December 2005

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Larry JonesSonja EggerickxFollowing elections at the IHEU General Assembly in Paris in July, IHEU’s First Vice President Sonja Eggerickx and IHEU Vice President Larry Jones have been reelected unanimously to the IHEU Executive Committee.

Sonja Eggerickx is based in Ghent, Belgium, and is also a Vice President of IHEU Member Organisation the UVV, the federation of Flemish Humanist organisations in Belgium. Sonja who is professionally a Senior Schools Inspector in Moral Education, is coordinator of the IHEU’s Women’s Network and takes a keen interest in educational matters.

Larry Jones is based in Albany, New York, USA and is also founder-President of IHEU Member Organisation the Institute for Humanist Studies. Larry, who retired as a Chemist at General Electric, takes a keen interest in building capacity of Humanist organisations the world over and has established the IHS Grants programme which gives nearly USD 150,000 every year in support of Humanist projects.

The Executive Committee of IHEU now consists of:

Roy Brown Roy Brown (President)
Sonja Eggerickx Sonja Eggerickx (First Vice President)
Rob Buitenweg Rob Buitenweg (Vice President)
Roger Lepeix Roger Lepeix (Treasurer)
Jack Jeffery Jack Jeffery (Vice President)
Larry Jones Larry Jones (Vice President)
Babu Gogineni Babu Gogineni (Executive Director, ex-officio)
Suresh Lalvani Suresh Lalvani (Director of Operations, ex-officio)
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