Bioweapons Prevention Project

  • post Type / Campaigns
  • Date / 15 January 2006

The 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) and the 1925 Geneva Protocol comprehensively prohibit biological weapons but they make no provisions for monitoring or verifying compliance. The BioWeapons Prevention Project (BWPP) is a new global civil society activity that aims to strengthen the norm against using disease as a weapon. It was initiated by a group of non-governmental organizations concerned at the failure of governments to act.

BWPP aims to help by monitoring implementation of the legal and political obligations never to develop, produce or use biological weapons. The project will also track the actions that governments and others take to reduce the bio-weapons threat and to suppress exploitation of biotechnology for hostile purposes. BWPP will also monitor relevant developments in industry and report on advances in science and technology.

More information can be obtained from http://www.bwpp.org

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