A Call To Arms – Become a Wikipedian!

  • post Type / Humanists International News
  • Date / 27 February 2006

I’ve added some new articles relating to Humanism to Wikipedia (the world’s largest encyclopedia, and it’s free!). I strongly urge my fellow Humanists to become Wikipedians – you can add new content, and ensure that all Humanist content is accurate and up to date. Above all, you can help prevent article vandalism by people opposed to World Humanism.

Try searching Google for Wikipedia – there are hundreds of millions of hits! This is a very influential encylopedia!

These are the articles I’ve added:

Humanism (lifestance):

Amsterdam Declaration 2002:

Council of Australian Humanist Societies:
(Does your organisation have an article in Wikipedia? If not, add one! I’d be happy to offer advice to newbies!)

I’ve also edited the following:

IHEU article (need some help here please!):

The Happy Human:

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