The Operation Plan for Kenyan Humanists

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  • Date / 28 February 2006

Humanism in Kenya was recognised at the University of Nairobi in 2004 where its membership is highly characterised. It was as a result of the activities of the Philosophical Society, whose members attended an IHEU meeting in Kampala at that time.

Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya was formulated in 6th June 2004 with a categorical aim of promoting democratic thinking through philosophy and political science. On this venture, the events of 2005 have been with efforts of the faculty of Arts of the three state universities ( Kenyatta University, Egerton University and University of Nairobi ) attempting to influence other faculties whose academics limits humanistic skepticsm as seen on Kenyan educational syllabi.

With the growth of the group, its outlook and aspirations have also changed consequently. In 2005, the group upheld a common objective ” To Liberate the Traditional African Mind from Dogmatic Influence and Promote Ethical Values, Free Inquiry and Human Development through Advancement of Secular Humanism”.

To carry out this mission, HEUK aims to develop global partnership for development and to raise local awareness on Humanism. This will be done through:

1. Organising School Assemblies – Talking to school administrators and requesting for hosting of student meetings about Humanism and African Issues
2. Organising Concerts – Seek out local secular groups to perform and promote HEUK’s objectives (musicians and poets)
3. Publish Articles and Artwork online and in print
4. Launch HEUK art contest- to promote understanding through competition on Humanistic creativity at community level.
5. Establish meeting points through out the country -Eupraxophy centres that would maintain cohesiveness and allow prompt response for Humanistic development

· To provide a forum for intelligent exchange of ideas for Kenyans seeking fulfilment in an ethical secular life
· To develop through open discussion the moral basis of a secular society and encourage ethical practices within our own membership and the community at large.
· To inform the public regarding secular alternatives to supernatural interpretation of human conditions.
· To support and defend the principles of democracy , free speech and the separation of church and state as expressed in the constitution of Kenya and the Bill of Rights
· To unite young people around the nation and engage them in activities that will be beneficent to them and their surrounding communities.
· Promote humanism and innovativeness as contained in the IHEU statement of Amsterdam declaration 2002,
· Encourage rigorous intellectual activities amongst the youth in all provinces of KENYA by engaging in discussions for development.
· Promote the Harambee spirit of self help and nation building.
· Work towards having a nation wide office.
· To support humanity through human rights interpretation and education.
· To promote biological discovery and innovation as alternatives of enhancing development of Kenya
· To work towards having a national office
· To work in cooperation and through partnership with other Humanistic groups in Africa as a step to promoting continental secularization

A society where Kenyan citizens from all walks of life play their role in an enabling policy and development framework so as to engage in self sustaining socio-economic activities with the focus of making the world a better place to live in.

1. Policy and Development Advocacy (Youth Voice Box, Youth Development Forumns, Memoranda, Declaration/Press Statements and e-lobbying)
2. Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening (Leadership, Resource Management, Organisational Structural Review and Project Management)
3. Community Development (Agriculture, Food Security, National Resource Management)

1. Rural Youth Livelihood Project (Pilot – KYDI Kisumu District)
2. International Association of Political Science Students (Promoting democratic innovativeness and free inquiry through the University of Nairobi www.iapss.org
3. African Humanist Alliance – We are working to maintain a continental link, to have a role in the process of promoting free inquiry within the dogmatic African cultures and the present religions as embraced by African governments

· An office to operate from and allow easier access to potential members.
· Creation of a magazine – “What is HEUK ?” so as to articulate and distribute viewpoints from members and the general public about our activities.
· Creation of a sports team to enable easier awareness campaign amongst the Youth (Basketball and Soccer)
· Creation of a Research Centre for Educational purposes (with computers, books, communication equipments – telephone, fax e.t.c.)
· Purchase of vehicles to enable movement of members to various places and other parts of the country
· Developing a website for the group to enhance international linkage

We estimate to be operating at an annual expenditure of 40000 EUR (forty thousand euros)

Five Years = 40000 X 5

200,000 EUR (Two Hundred Thousand Euros for FIVE YEARS)

As a group, we are dedicated to enhance effective participation of young people through facilitation, capacity building and role playing in socio-economic development initiatives and analysis of own generated ideas, proposals, experiences and resources.

Ann Wamboi

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