Spotlight: Humanist Youth Belgium

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 6 March 2006

1. Our mission

Humanist Youth is an open, progressive and humanist organisation. We want to challenge children and youngsters to think for themselves and stimulate them to develop into free-thinking and independent human beings. Central concepts in our working are autonomy and free inquiry. We stimulate kids and youngsters to break free of dogmas and prejudices. Humanist Youth gathers humanist inspired youth and provide them with the opportunity to work authentic, critical and with respect for everyone’s characteristics. We don’t want to be ‘anti’ but ‘different’, we are a non-commercial organisation with a personal touch.

2. Our working fields

Our working activities are divided into four fields. First of all, there are about 35 local humanist youth groups spread around Flanders, who work very autonomous. They invent and organise their own activities, choose the frequency of meeting, their target group, etc. Local groups can be youth houses, youngsters and kids groups. The national secretariat supports these groups (when wanted).

Secondly the Humanist Youth organises vacations for children and youngsters (age 6-15). These humanist inspired vacations are supervised by qualified animators (pedagogical teachers).

Our third working field concerns trainings for youth workers in which they learn how to work humanistically with kids and youngsters and are encouraged to take responsibility. We also organise weekends around themes relevant for society or interesting for personal development.

Last but not least, we publish several magazines adjusted to the life experience of kids and youngsters. And we offer documentation files on subjects relevant for humanist youth.

More information can be found on www.hujo.be

Sara Wastijn & Griet van Herck

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