Florida Humanist Journal announced

  • Date / 5 April 2006

IHEU member organization Humanists of Florida Association has announced that it will publish a new journal, The Florida Humanist Journal. The Florida Humanist Journal will be a collection of original, thought-provoking essays and political cartoons from Humanist thinkers on important topics affecting all Floridians. The journal will be published annually.

The journal will:

  • Meet the highest substantive and scholarly standards
  • Focus on advancing Humanist ideas and agenda across Florida
  • Seek well-informed opinions from our members and partners
  • Foster a dialogue, from which local Humanist leaders and organizers can benefit

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2006

Theme: The State of Science Education in Florida

Auxiliary Themes:

  • Education reform in America
  • Science literacy, creative and critical thinking
  • Education initiatives worldwide

Limit: 5,000 words. Submission Format: Electronic document submissions only to [email protected]

Note: The journal will consider all essays, articles and cartoons regardless of subject – provided they are focused on an issue currently or likely affecting Floridians, and that they approach the subject from a Humanist perspective.

Selected authors and artists will receive three free copies of the journal.

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