Free Inquiry magazine defends freedom of expression

  • post Type / Campaigns
  • Date / 9 April 2006

Free InquiryThe decision by Borders booksellers to remove from its shelves the April edition of Free Inquiry, which carried four of the Danish cartoons, has engendered widespread debate within the US media. Free Inquiry editor, Ton Flynn defended the actions of the magazine:

“Why republish the controversial cartoons? First as a defense of journalists’ right of free expression – the best way to defend that right is to exercise it with vigor. Second, and more important, part of Free Inquiry’s mission, like that of CFI, [Center for Inquiry International] is to focus commentary and criticism on every aspect of society, especially its sacred cows. As a secular humanist publication, the editors of Free Inquiry feel especially strongly that religion should not be held immune from criticism. On the contrary, it’s because faith is such a potent force in human affairs that it urgently needs to be subject to discussion, debate, criticism, and even satire in the marketplace of ideas.”

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