Humanism to the Local Villages

  • Date / 24 April 2006

It has been a while since we humanists in Kenya had about any plans to develop. An initiative has thus been put in place following our five year operation plan, to address the issues of the youth humanistically and to make humanism known as an alternative to dogmatism that has been rooted by religion over a decade in Kenya and more so, Nairobi as the capital.

We have joined efforts with an International NGO based in Holland, www.nabuur.com and we hope that we will make change in Kenya. Currently, Humanism is taking control on a village called Maringo, which is located close to the District Magistrates offices and in the midst of the most notorious urban villages in Kenya, we will make way by reforming the village humanistically, ethically and make it pro-development, compatible with modernity as the world humanists understand.

Ann Wamboi
President, HEUK
Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya

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