A New Record for IHEU’s Website

  • post Type / Humanists International News
  • Date / 17 April 2006

Thanks to you, IHEU’s website has evolved into the world’s best resource on International Humanism! We are pleased to announce that in January 2006 alone the website had 70,120 visitors – 158% higher than the same month last year! About 10% of these are repeat visitors, which means that while we have a loyal core group, we are getting more first-time visitors. Visitors stay longer, visiting on an average 5-6 pages each time.

The new fast server made available by IHEU member organisation Institute for Humanist Studies (IHS), the over 2000 documents and articles available for free consultation, and the daily updates to the home page combined with good search engine rankings, especially on Google, have led to this increased interest in IHEU.

The top five pages that were visited in January were:

  • Call to bring the president of Iran to trial (IHEU Press Release)
  • Untouchability in India (article by Babu Gogineni)
  • Religion and State in Nigeria (article by Enyeribe Onuoha)
  • Speech by Simon Deng at IHEU’s Victims of Jihad Conference
  • Sex, Lies and Video Tape (article by Babu Gogineni)
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