IHEYO announces 5th international conference

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  • Date / 27 May 2006

IHEU member organization IHEYO announces its 5th International Conference in Vijayawada, India under the theme “Critical Thinking & Free Inquiry Education”. The conference will be held in collaboration with IHEU member organization Atheist Centre from 28 October to 4 November 2006 in Vijayawada, India.

We will stay together, we will have interesting field visits, intercultural activities, keynote speeches by well-known humanists, and we will work together in small groups. We expect over 50 youth leaders from 20 different countries to join us.

About the theme
Why is learning to think, independently and critically, important? When people learn to assess information and make up their own minds, they learn to have more control over their lives. It empowers them and builds better learning abilities. In addition, some beliefs held out of ignorance can be harmful. In India, there are many examples of discrimination and human rights violations based on traditional beliefs or ignorance (the caste system, witchcraft practices), and such examples can be found around the world (discrimination against minorities etc.). Critical thinking promotes tolerance, active citizenship and reduces prejudice.

Many humanists recognize the importance of critical thinking and free inquiry in education. One can find courses and methods for this in countries such as the Netherlands, US, India, Germany, Belgium and Nigeria. And there are non-formal educational activities in many other countries that stimulate young people to think and formulate for their own, including Russia, Nepal, East Africa, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Australia and Peru. In some organisations, the methods are more developed; in others, one can find the ideas in practice but not so thought out.

This conference will provide international training in using educational methods in critical thinking and free inquiry and a start for much more intense collaboration between Indian and youth groups and individuals worldwide. It will give young people from around the world a better understanding of critical and free thinking and the problems in India as well as an opportunity for networking with like minded international organizations.

In this sense, it is a unique activity with a global and national impact.

Want to participate?
You can read more about the conference and fill-in the Application Form at: http://www.iheyo.org/activities/conferencean.htm
First application round is:
-for non-Asian participants by 30 June 2006;
-For Asian participants by 31 July 2006.
The IHEYO website will carry announcements of any changes to these deadlines.

Costs for participating, will be maximum 200 Euros including all local costs such as accommodation, food and field visits. The costs may be significantly reduced for people coming from developing countries, including India. IHEYO is working on funding for this. Travel costs to and from the conference are not included or reimbursed.

If you have questions, please contact IHEYO at: [email protected] (Silvana Uhlrich and Sara Wastijn), http://www.iheyo.org

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