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  • Date / 6 June 2006

  Davos 2006, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, might have been clearly about the future of the world economies and the competitiveness of major players, but it was as well intrinsically focusing on the implications for the youth who are a core determinant in the social, political-economical transformation of the global community. This world’s Economic forum totaling to a gigantic annual gathering of over 2,000 business leaders, politicians, academicians and other influential types, considered India and China to be some of the future greater Economies by 2050.

IHEYO is organizing its conference and General assembly in India. Along the main theme of  “Critical thinking “, participants can have a unique opportunity to come close to one of the anticipated old re-known waft of curry now becoming an Economic giant. Reputable Economists like Jim O’ Neill, Augusto Lopez-Claros and Micheal E Porter explored the Economic future of this planet with the focus on India and China.

From the global Economic research center, Jim O’ Neill projected that Chinas economy is already substantially bigger than India, and wont lose ground as both grow into world economic titans. To him China’s economy will be the biggest by 2050 and India only third, next to US.

Lopez-Claros of the World Economic forum estimated that nothing big would change from his current report that placed China at number 49, one ahead of India. He attributes such a performance to corruption, and the chronic lack of infrastructure.

We all know that, naturally such predictions depend on a huge number of assumptions that could be derailed by geo-political instability or Western protectionism. Anyhow, Davos 2006 was an indicator to the youth that their role in shaping the much speculated future is instrumental and I hope IHEYO will create a positive impact through rationalizing on critical thinking. The gathering of quite many youthful humanists in India – coming November- will be an open forum to ponder on all kinds of critical issues in line with economic, academic and philosophical spheres. 

Asaba Lawrence Abwooli, boardmember IHEYO

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