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  • Date / 6 June 2006

World Transhumanist Association

Transhumanism has roots in secular humanist thinking, yet is more radical in that it promotes not only traditional means of improving human nature, such as education and cultural refinement, but also direct application of medicine and technology to overcome some of our basic biological limits. One could see it as a specific defined way of thinking that is evolved from humanist philosophy

Design expo at TransVision, 17-19 August, Finland

A request from Peter Adegoke, co-chair TSN and president of IHEYO member organisation

Ibadan University Humanist Society:

Participate in (re)Design 2006, a design expo for student work focused on the intersection of design and biotechnology, posing what we feel will be the most important design question of the twenty-first century: ‘What happens when the human body itself can be redesigned?’.

The expo will be part of TransVision 2006 -the World Transhumanist Association’s annual global conference- to be held in Helsinki, Finland, August 17-19. The WTA counts among its members and associates some of the leading thinkers and writers working on the ethical and philosophical implications of coming technological developments.

The expo itself is run by the Transhumanist Student Network. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact me. Like most things dealing with the future, this expo is partly an experiment, and we look forward to working with academics and students worldwide to make it a successful, thought-provoking event”.

Peter Adegoke: TSNtransnational(at)transhumanism.org

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