IHEU-HIVOS Cooperation

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 23 July 2006

IHEU is pleased to report on recent, very encouraging discussions with HIVOS as regards future cooperation in the light of IHEU’s new plans for Growth and Development.

IHEU’s Dutch Member Organisation HIVOS is an NGO and a Humanist Funding Agency whose work is supported by the Dutch government, the European Union, several foundations as well as the general public. HIVOS is one of the world’s most respected development agencies. With headquarters in the Hague, and regional offices in Costa Rica, Harare, Bangalore and Jakarta, HIVOS was founded in 1968 by IHEU member organisations the Dutch Humanist League and Humanitas, along with Vereniging Weezenkas (United Orphans’ Fund).

In 2004 HIVOS gave 66 million Euros in all. 41% went to Civil Society Building and 29% to Direct Poverty Alleviation. Human Rights received nearly 12 million Euro, and Gender, Women and Development 8.6 million Euro. Africa received 20 million Euro and Latin America 18.5 million Euro while Asia received 15.8 million. A total of 825 organizations received support in 35 countries.

During discussions that IHEU’s International Representative Babu Gogineni has had with HIVOS Director Manuela Monteiro, it was agreed that HIVOS would explore ways in which HIVOS could help IHEU in its new growth strategy for organised Humanism in South Asia and Africa.

As a first step in this new phase of cooperation, a new three-year funding programme is being instituted by IHEU and HIVOS. Under this programme, HIVOS will make available to IHEU 75,000 Euro annually for the next three years. A maximum of 10,000 Euro will be available per project annually, and only organisations (and individuals exceptionally) from HIVOS-funding-eligible countries (mainly African, Asian and Latin American countries) will be able to apply for funding under this new programme.

Full details regarding this, as well as procedures for application will be announced soon on IHEU’s website and through e mail alerts. Please register at www.iheu.org to receive the latest information by e mail.

Update: information about the 2006 grant programme is now available at www.iheu.org/funding2006.

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