IHEU invites nominations for Distinguished Service to Humanism Award 2012

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  • Date / 27 February 2007

IHEU is inviting nominations for the Distinguished Service to Humanism Award, to be presented at the General Assembly in Montreal, Canada on 3 & 5 August 2012. Nominations must reach IHEU by 19 June 2012. This annual award recognizes the contributions of Humanist activists to International Humanism and to organized Humanism.

Who is eligible? A living person, or an institution. If the candidate is a person, s/he must be identifiably a Humanist. Ideally a selected awardee will be able to receive the award in person. Serving IHEU officers and personnel are not eligible.

Who can nominate? Member Organizations of IHEU, in writing to the IHEU office, preferably by email to [email protected] The nomination must include:

  • Name of the IHEU member organization making the nomination
  • Name, full contact details and signature of the person to contact at the IHEU member organization
  • Confirmation that the person making the nomination is authorised by the IHEU member organization to do so
  • Name and full contact details of the nominee
  • Details of the nominee's work and contributions to Humanism, preferably with up to two web addresses where further information can be found
  • A written recommendation (maximum 800 words) in support of the nominee

Who will decide? A sub-committee of the IHEU's Executive Committee will examine the nominations and consider other names, and make a short list. This will be considered by the full EC of IHEU, whose decision will be final.

Deadlines: for the 2012 award, nominations must reach IHEU by 19 June 2012.

When will the announcement be made? IHEU will contact the winner confidentially, and the public announcement will be made only at the time of the award presentation.

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