IHEU Strategic Plan 2007 – 2011

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  • Date / 6 February 2007

At its recent meeting in Oostende, Belgium, the Annual Planning meeting of the IHEU’s EC issued a 5 year Strategic plan.
Mission: The mission of IHEU is to build and represent the global humanist movement that defends human rights and promotes humanist values world- wide.

Aims: The long term strategic aims of IHEU are:
l To promote Humanism as a non-theistic life stance throughout the world.
l To represent humanists within the international community and organisations.
l To defend human rights and the rights of humanists.
l To develop organised Humanism in every part of the world.
l To build a strong and effective global organisation.

Strategy: To pursue our aims we will:
l promote the identity of Humanism including the name and symbol of Humanism.
l promote the IHEU Amsterdam Declaration 2002 on
l promote freedom of religion and belief.
l work for separation of religion and state throughout the world.
l focus on activities that can only be undertaken by a global organisation.
l work closely with our member organisations.
l support our members in their campaigns and activities.
l bring our members together at conferences and in regional groups.
l help establish IHEYO as the world humanist youth organisation.
l use strategic alliances to pursue our aims.

Activities: IHEU needs to focus its activities to maximise effectiveness.
Core IHEU activities are:
1. International conferences: to bring humanists together and inspire them.
2. Campaigns and PR: to promote and defend human rights, humanist values, education and science against religious fundamentalism.
3. Representation at international and regional bodies to further humanist goals.
4. Growth and development: to support humanist groups in developing countries.
5. Administration: operational management, finance and membership records.
6. Organizational development: to increase the effectiveness of IHEU and its MOs.
7. Education and training: in humanist principles, leadership and group development, PR, human rights, discovery science and critical thinking

To carry out these activities effectively we need to strengthen our capability in:
l Communications, marketing and public relations
l Fund raising: to sustain current activities and finance new projects

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