IHEYO makes plans for 2007

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  • Date / 7 February 2007

IHEU member organization IHEYO has announced ambitious plans for 2007:

  • To establish more national and regional groups of young volunteers that give feedback to the activities of IHEYO and carry out tasks, such as an Asian Working Group;
  • To have a European campaign to promote tolerance with educational activities in seven European countries;
  • To organise international training in Uganda and Kenya towards the end of 2007. The training will take place over three weeks with participants from the US, Europe and East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda);
  • To support regional meetings of young humanists in East Africa and West Africa to discuss plans for collaboration;
  • To publish a booklet about teaching critical thinking and free inquiry, resulting from the 2006 conference, and send it to Humanist and human rights groups;
  • Ts support the organising of the Annual conference 2007, which will be organised by the Belgian Humanistische Jongeren this summer and will focus on Human Rights;
  • To organise the 5th IHEYO General Assembly;
  • To start preparations for IHEYO’s contribution to the IHEU World Humanist Congress in 2008 in Washington DC;
  • To make the IHEYO website a CMS-driven website. In this way, more information and other material will be made easily available;
  • To encourage people to add to and make use of the site, and to publish the Youthspeak newsletter more often, at least once a month but preferably twice a week.

You can read more about the plans online at: http://www.iheyo.org/iheyo/activity.htm

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