Newly established South Asian Working Group of IHEYO

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  • Date / 9 February 2007

IHEU member organization IHEYO is supporting a new South Asian Working Group to parallel is successful Africa Working Group initiative.

Humanist education and life stance is most necessary in our continent. Our education system and socio-economic-political situation discourages us to think for ourselves, be critical and empowered. We need to encourage our youths to think critically and scientifically.

Every young persons should raise questions like What/Why/ When/Where/Who and How? They should develop their own outlook on life and on themselves, have respect for the freedom of others to be who they want to be, and question given thinking patterns like in traditions. Critical thinking and free inquiry will help the youth to develop their ideas positively.

We are suffering from different kind of superstitions, misconceptions, and conservative thoughts, and illusions, unbelievable and non-experimental supernatural thoughts. These are hurdles of the human development which are degrading us.

Youth from one countries alone will not be able to fight against those factors. We should try to create a regional network to work together. We share common problems and thus can work together to develop common solutions and take action together. Many helping hands will become a hughe support. It would be the basis of a great campaign and initiatives to envision our future.

We need to fight collectively against those existing bad practices in our society. We can collectively work to manage/transform internal conflict, different religious or political fundamentalism. Our small initiation could be ideal step for society.

Let’s come together — we have potentialities, courage, spirit. So why don’t we ready to create alliance and develop a network.

What is the South Asian working group(SAWG)?

The South Asian working group is a joint humanist effort in this continent to foster humanist values and ideas. It will research, launch awareness programs, regional seminars/workshops. It will analyze problems and dig out the way to fight against it. We will also publish a bulletin based on local issues and every member of this alliance will contribute for that purpose. We plan to start a media campaign. For doing this work and reaching our objectives we will gather youths collectively. Our first step will be to share the situation of each other and fix the action plan.

You can see the same kind of Working Group, Africa Working Group (AWG), the regional arm of IHEYO, coordinating the growth of Humanism in Africa, working to enable young Africans peruse on the fundamental issue of humanism advancement in Africa.

Founded a year ago, the African Working Group has watched with keen interest the zeal with which young Africans promote the ideals of Humanism amidst crass religiosity through their activities. To assist them in achieving more, we are poised to utilize the partnership and collaboration tools of organizational growth and development, on our platform, so as to achieve our common goal of popularizing Humanism in Africa.


For more information, please contact Mr. Uttam Niraula, Board member of IHEYO at uttam.niraula(at)iheyo.org , mob. +977 9841223903, or Raju P. Khatry mob +977 9581099313

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