European Humanist Youth Camp in Norway, Summer 2007 “Investigate your life in light of the midnight sun!”

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 3 April 2007

 IHEYO member organisation Norwegian Humanist Association (HEF) wants to gather young humanists from all of Europe to get to know each other, get know ourselves better, learn more about humanism and have a great week. There should be one contingent leader and 5-10 participants from each country.

HEF has sent an invitation to all the humanist organisations that they know about. So you can contact your organisation to hear if they have started to fill in the application form. If they are not doing anything yet, you should maybe help them.

The organisations have to apply as soon as possible!!

If you would like to be the contingent leader (then you can be older than 25) you have to get your name in the application from your organisation. All the information that HEF has sent to the organizations is also available on their website:


For questions, you can contact Mari-Marthe Apenæs: e-mail: marimarthe_at_mac.com, msn: hug_at_human.no

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