European Humanist Professionals announce Turin workshop

  • post Type / Conferences
  • Date / 29 May 2007

The European Humanist Professionals has announced a workshop on humanist practices to be held on Friday 15 June 2007, from 9.00 to 12.30 at the Hotel Royal in Turin. Participants at the IHEU and EHF General Assemblies and the colloquium ‘Secularism, civil rights and neutrality of Public Institutions: comparison of experiences in an intercultural Europe’ are welcome to attend the workshop. Participation is free.

Speakers will include:

– Kathleen Van Steenkiste (Belgium – secular humanist counsellor): the way secular counsellors work in a Centre for Humanist Services under the title ‘Made in Belgium: humanist counselling’;
– Hanne Stinson (Great-Britain – Executive Director BHA): humanist ceremonies in the UK;
– Marja Bijleveld (The Netherlands – secular humanist counsellor in prisons): humanist counselling in prisons.

The European Humanist Professionals (www.humanistprofessionals.org) is an organisation whose aims are specifically in the area of training and supporting of professionals, promoting dialogue and self awareness, sharing experiences.

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