IHEU online charity shop

  • post Type / Growth and Development
  • Date / 3 August 2007

If you live in the UK, you can support international humanism through our online charity shop. eBay now allows you to sell unwanted items and give some or all of the proceeds to International Humanist Trust. And now, eBay allows you to add a charity to an exosting eBay listing.

Even better, eBay reduces its charges (to zero if you donate all the proceeds) and Gift Aid is available to increase the value of your gift by 28p for every pound for UK taxpayers.

To support IHT in this way, you need to register with eBay itself (if you are not already registered) and register with eBay’s charity partner, MissionFish. You can register in advance on MissionFish’s web site or on eBay’s web site when selling an item. Just select International Humanist Trust as the charity and choose how much of the sale proceeds you want to go to the charity. MissionFish provides a Getting Started Guide and a MissionFish Guide explains how the process works in full detail.

Live listings can be updated through the Revise, Relist of Sell Similar tools in My eBay. As of Monday 30th July 2007, the Revise tool will allow sellers with listings that have at least 12 hours remaining to add a charity to support and select a percentage to donate to a live listing or increase the percentage to donate to an existing eBay for Charity listing.

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