Nigerian Essay Competition

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  • Date / 7 August 2007

National Association of Philosophy Students—Nigeria in conjunction with the Secular Student Alliance—USA presents the first National Philosophical Essay Competition. Theme: Philosophy and Rationalism: Solutions to Africa’s Underdevelopment.

The Aim

The National Philosophical Essay Competition has been set up in order to provide a forum for the interrogation of the challenges of the society with the tools of philosophy. We aim to popularize philosophy in Africa.


Why do the values of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human based ethics matter to Africa? In what ways do these values make life in Africa richer intellectually, scientifically, emotionally, civically? Do these values harm life in Africa in any way? Can these values be put to use to make Africa a better place to live? If so, how?


The Essay Competition is open to students and non students alike, irrespective of the entrants’ nationalities and cultural affiliations. All Essays should be accompanied by an abstract (350 words maximum). An abstract is a summary in which you explain the aim, the methodology, the reasoning and the main conclusions of your paper. The abstract is important, as pre-selection of the essays will be based on the assessment of these only. The Essay should not exceed 3500 words. The abstract will not count towards the general number of words. The Essay should be submitted electronically to [email protected] before August 31st 2007.
Winners will be selected by a competent Panel of Judges based on originality of ideas, clarity, persuasiveness of writing, accessibility of content to a general audience, and the quality of logic behind supporting arguments and counter-arguments. The decision of the Jury is final and is not subject to an appeal. Essays will be disqualified if they are found to be plagiarized.

Prizes and Awards:

1st Prize: A collection of philosophical books autographed by reputable scholars, a certificate and magazines and some collectibles. 2nd and 3rd Prize: Some autographed philosophical books and a certificate with magazines. The first 20 Entrants shall be given a free DVD containing about 5000 ebooks. Visit www.napsnigeria.org or www.secularstudent.org for more information.

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