New humanist youth organisation founded in Norway

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  • Date / 20 September 2007

Humanistisk Ungdom was founded on the 16th of August 2007, and is the youth (15-26) organisation of the Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA). The first year’s focus will be on funding of the organisation and the recruitment of members. Looking at NHA-members in the relevant age group and unofficial polls, Humanistisk Ungdom has the possibility to become one of Norways largest youth organisations!
Some of Humanistisk Ungdoms main activities are
• Working for a belief-neutral state and education system.
• Focus on building strong local organisations (Norway is a geographically very diffused country).
• Provide a social frame for youth to explore their questions about being a humanist in both the large and small questions of life.
• Cooperate with other organisations (like IHEYO-members.)
• Arrange seminars on topics relevant to young humanists, and possibilities for actively engaging as a humanist.

The new organisation’s board consists of nine young humanists in the range from 15 to 23 years. The oldest of them, Lars-Petter Helgestad, was elected as the first President of Humanistisk Ungdom, a position he will combine with the presidency of IHEYO.
Humanistisk Ungdom has committed to the same principles that are in the Amsterdam Declaration, and will also this autumn apply for membership in IHEYO.

Lars-Oskar Dale, Deputy Board Member of Humanistisk Ungdom

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