IHEYO Tolerance Campaign 2007

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 15 October 2007

In this project two kinds of methods were used: educating and giving information. By combining the two methods, both activities were strengthened and made the campaign, overall, to a strong campaign.

The information found was fed back to the national and international level for raising awareness on minorities. IHEYO made information available to other organizations through its website, reports and newsletter.

The educational part consisted of interactive, creative events in the different countries. Methods used were theatre presentations, dialogue meetings, open discussions, information about their lifestyles, music events, a living library, and writing contest.

Highlights of the Tolerance Campaign.

  • The Norwegian Humanist Youth organized a writing competition and a tolerance workshop during one of their seminars. An article competition was also organized in Romania. -The Belgian Hujo organized a Living library that was travelling through Flanders in a van. In this library people could ‘borrow’ live images of people about which prejudices exist. For example an actor playing a bum living on the street. -The Serbian partner, Organization of creative grouping, was bringing young people with and without handicaps and health problems together to play theatre.
  • In Germany a set of events in the region were organized the Humanist Freethinker Association Brandenburg (Havelland). A selection of the events: an Indian cultural evening, discussion table with migrants, workshops with Amnesty International, workshops for theatre playing and creative writing contest sessions. The project ended on 8 December in the capital town of the region with a big intercultural music concert. Lots of different music groups, artists, info places, children playgrounds and youngsters who worked in the project, were part of this final cut.
  • In  Macedonia, there was a tolerance week in the capital, with different activities organized by the NGO Youth Educational Forum. The event activities were: an exhibition, an essay contest, a video podcast contest, and public debate The campaign was targeting 5 issues: human trafficking, child labour, education, multi ethnical tolerance, and family violence. The project involved Macedonian youth and two minorities groups: Albanian and Roma youth.
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