Norway: Tolerance workshop

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 1 November 2007

 In Norway, the campaign was focused towards the members of the newly established organisation Humanistic Youth.

We wanted to focus upon our own prejudice towards other people and work to make strategies to become more tolerant and less prejudice. We spent a weekend in October on a seminar with 20 young members of Humanistic Youth, wich partly focused on the Tolerance Campaign, and partly had Retorics as the main theme.

We started the weekend with an icebreaker wich stated that all of us, more or less, often base our judgements of other people on stereotypes that are not necessarily correct.

The workshop itself was a task were six different group got the name of six different countries (that’s right, the same

countries that participate in the Tolerance Campaign; Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Finland, Belgium, Romania). After a while the groups came up with different prejudice they had towards the country their group had gotten to work with.

The main task, however, was to come up with strategies against intelorance and how we can be more aware of that. We also discussed if tolerance means having to accept everything, and the difference between respect and tolerance.

The workshop was supposed to be the first step towards a happening in December. A writing contest had been announced and the winner would be revealed at the happening in December. A lot of people were interested and said they would contribute, but at the closing day, no contributions had come in. We decided it was best to cancel the December event, as the winning text would be a major part of it.

All in all, those who participated had a great time and we all got some ideas about tolerance and respect. The campaign in all, however, could have been much better if we had more time and people to prepare for it. 

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