2008 IHEYO Conference

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 6 February 2008
IHEYO General Assembly and International Humanist Youth Conference

IHEYO will be holding its annual conference (well, er, annual. We missed last year, but are on track with the 6th one now). We’ve been putting some work in it, and can now give you more details on the programme.

The conference takes place in Washington from Wednesday 4th until Sunday the 8th of June, alongside the IHEU annual conference. Registration for the latter conference is required to take part in ours, as we will be attending some of the IHEU sessions when we’re not busy discussing The future of Youth Humanism.

This conference will combine the 2008 General Assembly (afternoons of the 5th and the 8th), exhaustive discussion of the future activities of IHEYO (I won’t say we’re questioning everything, but we’ll definitely be discussing how IHEYO can become a better organisation for you all), and the future of Youth humanism in general. There will be joint activities with our US counterpart, the Secular Student Alliance and of course we’ll take the opportunity to visit some of Washington’s most humanist corners.

We’ll keep you updated via Youthspeak and other mailings, as soon as a definite programme is ready, and when we’ve established the registration procedure. Keep an eye on the website!

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