Gay Humanist charity supports Embryology Bill and slams Catholic church

  • post Type / Campaigns
  • Date / 30 March 2008

The gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust has added its voice to those of the hundreds of charities that are supporting the government’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. It also endorses the eminent scientist and fertility expert Professor Lord (Robert) Winston’s description of the Catholic Church’s statement on this as “lying” and “misleading”.

The PTT’s secretary George Broadhead said: “Highly reputable organisations like the Medical Research Council and the Welcome Trust have said that this research has massive potential to provide treatments for serious debilitating disorders ranging from developmental abnormalities in young children, to stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, as well as better and safer treatment for infertile couples. Yet the Roman Catholic Church vehemently opposes it. What is it about this Church that it seems to oppose automatically advances in biological science that can promote human happiness and welfare?

“When you consider the enormous difference that contraception has made to the lives of women previously weighed down by multiple births and sexual diseases and the availability of abortion that gives women control over their lives,” said Mr Broadhead, “it is monstrous that these life-enhancing measures are opposed in a civilised society.”

He added: “We warmly welcome that part of the Bill that will enable homosexual couples who conceive through donated sperm, eggs or embryos to register as parents on a birth certificate and two-mother families to be recognised.”

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