Project of the month – 2008 Udo Schuklenk Bioethics Essay Competition

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  • Date / 26 May 2008

Nigerian Bioethics Group in conjuntion with the National Association of Philosophy Graduates-Nigeria and the National Association of Philosophy Students-Nigeria in Association with Wiley-Blackwell announce the

2008 Udo Schuklenk Bioethics Essay Competition 

For African Students   

Submit a 1000 to 1500 word, original essay on a bioethics topic of your choice (see below) by September 15, 2008, to be part of this year’s contest. Five semi-finalists will be selected by October 15, 2008, and will be notified. All semi-finalists shall be given a certificate of honour and an autographed book prize from Professor Udo Schuklenk. Plague and Certificates with Autographed books and Branded T-Shirts are given to winners in the first place, second place and third place categories. The school of the winner shall be awarded a Plague too.

Wiley-Blackwell has agreed to provide a copy of the BIOETHICS READER to 8 winners (i.e. the five semi-finalists and those on place 1-3). In addition to this, the publisher has agreed to also offer to those 8 winners free-online access to the journals BIOETHICS and DEVELOPING WORLD BIOETHICS edited by Professor Udo Schuklenk free of charge. This also includes access to more than 20 years of back articles. Entries should be submitted in Word or PDF format to the following email address: office[at]napsnigeria.org. Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students may apply.

Please include your essay title, your full name, your program of study and degree that you are seeking, and your complete mailing address only winners will be notified of results. ESSAY TOPIC: Write a 1000 to 1500 word bioethics essay on an issue that arises from or in the practice of bioethics and its relevance to Africa. The topic can be related to Human Health, Biotechnology, the Environment, Social Equality, Cloning, Xenotransplants, Food Safety, or Agriculture, Drugs (R&D), Aging and End of Life, Clinical and Organizational Ethics, Life Sciences, and Health Disparities, Stem-cell Research. Example topics could include: the ethics of artificial organ development, the withholding of advanced biotechnology from nations that we consider unfriendly, ethics of genetically modified organisms, the corporate responsibility for developing environment-friendly energy sources, etc.

Please note that you are free to develop your own topic related to bioethics and that you do not have to use any of the examples provided. What is Bioethics? www.napsnigeria.org/node/1056

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