Announcement: SOCH Nepal Workshop

  • post Type / Young Humanists International
  • Date / 28 July 2008

Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal is a committed youthful organisation based in a strongly championing humanist movement in Nepal. It is organising several activities to hit the policy level as well as to lift up the lifestyle of marginalized people. SOCH is organising regular workshops on several issues among other several activities. SOCH Nepal is organising series of policy level workshops inviting top leaders and national level intellectual figures for institutionalization of secularism. SOCH has collected its strength for putting good input for a secular Nepal.

With the financial support of IHEU-HIVOS, SOCH Nepal is able to conduct a workshop and several activities in this August.

Before the workshop starts, SOCH is organising two days leadership development program in humanism. For that reason, SOCH invites any interested humanist fellow to participate and raise their voice for a secular and peaceful Nepal. The leadership training program will be organised form August 14th till 15th, workshops will be held on 16th of August. National and international level humanist activists have been invited to participate in the program. Your valuable representation and view will be a brick for the new Nepal.

For more information: Please contact Mr. Uttam Niraula (Executive Director) on  www.sochnepal.org

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